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Fixing Nigeria

Arizona Sen. John McCain wants to send Special Forces into the darkest part of Nigeria where the Boko Haram is holding hundreds of school girls.

With all his military training, he certainly must know how dangerous that would be for the children being held captive. They’ve already been threatened with death for simply refusing to convert to Islam. Imagine the slaughter when their captors realize they’re surrounded by trained military.

But what is the solution to this international horror story? Should the Western world negotiate some kind of a settlement with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan? He and his government have so far proven to be passive, at the very least, in investigating the crime.

What could Jonathan be offered that he hasn’t already stolen from his people? The government, the courts system and the police combine to make Nigeria one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. So I wonder if either threats or shame will force Nigeria to demand the release of those girls.

I’m Pat McMahon.