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Sam the Ram

“Ooh! Michael Sam kissed a boy on TV and there were kids watching!”

Yes, it’s true.

University of Missouri All-American defensive end Michael Sam was told by the St. Louis Rams that they were drafting him and there, while being congratulated by family and college teammates, he expressed his emotions by kissing his boyfriend, just as other earlier draft choices had kissed girlfriends.

An NFL player actually did respond with the reminder that kids were watching and you know what kids were probably saying? “Who cares?”

Why is everyone making such a big deal out of Michael Sam being the first openly gay football player drafted in the NFL? Notice I said “openly gay.” He didn’t wait to get home to kiss his boyfriend; he did it on ESPN. He’s no doubt not even the first gay football player to sign with the Rams. He’s just the first honest one. The social barriers are falling right and left.

Soon, I expect to hear that Maurisio Abdul Escobar, a gay, Muslim, Latino punter, is playing in the NFL Pro Bowl.

Isn’t it fun being a sports fan?

I’m Pat McMahon.