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African atrocity

Pardon me for being outraged.

Anger doesn’t even come close to the feelings I have — as a father and as a human being.

When a plane with close to 300 passengers disappears, the world turns out to search and it’s everybody’s lead story. When more than 300 Nigerian school girls are abducted from their dorms by armed Islamic extremists and held captive for more than three weeks now, it’s met with stunning indifference and a general international attitude of “That’s so sad, but what can we do?”

Some Nigerian officials seem to be making some attempts at tracking down the criminals. America just offered its assistance. But even in a country of 180 million, is it possible to hide that many young teenagers?

We know the details of the mass kidnapping because 50 of the girls courageously took it upon themselves to escape. But where are the others?

One must ask: If terrorists abducted 300 white girls from, say, Norway, would they still be missing?

I’m Pat McMahon.