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May Day!

Mayday! Mayday!

No … there’s no emergency. Don’t get your shorts wrinkled. I’m simply reminding you that Thursday is the first of May — May Day.

To Catholics, it’s a time of reverence for Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus. In the former Soviet Union, it was a military celebration with huge displays of armaments paraded through Red Square.

Of course that may have just been moved to Ukraine. But for Arizonans, May Day has a totally different significance. This is the time of year when residents of the valley begin glancing with wide-eyed terror at their thermometers — waiting, knowing, helplessly anticipating.

It’s the time of year when TV weather forecasters warn viewers the sun could kill and so could their steering wheels.

OK, 100-plus degrees is right around the corner. It will be hot for several months But considering what Oklahoma, Alabama and Georgia have been going through, I’ve got a great idea. Shut up!

I’m Pat McMahon.