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Bon voyage

Wow! One week away from the month of May. That means a lot of things: spring becomes official and so do the 100-degree days.

Everybody in the family has to be ready for the kids to be home all day, every day. Pool safety, pool rules, pool vigilance and the family vacation. Did that make you smile or did I strike a nerve?

Everybody ought to get away, get out of town, even for a short time. So many people who want to travel, don’t. They always come up with excuses: not enough money, not enough time, they don’t like unfamiliar places/languages/ currency/food/toilets.

How sad that there are successful, intelligent people who are terrified of new. And because of that they will never experience the amazement of turning a corner on an unfamiliar stsreet and seeing a sight that they didn’t know existed.

I remember a commercial that ended with an elderly man standing on a dock watching a ship depart without him. He simply put it off too long. Now, back to you. Where would you really like to go this summer? Come on! Think about it.

I’m Pat McMahon.