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It was only about a year ago that an organization, Public Policy Polling, announced nationally that after considerable research and interviewing, the most unpopular senator in America was Arizona’s Jeff Flake.

At the time it shocked just about everyone, after six terms in congress and considerable acceptance, our own Jeff Flake unseated Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell for the title that was assumed to be McConnell’s for life. Perhaps it was due to some of flake’s positions on gun legislation, on immigration. Who knows? But that was last year.

Why live in the past? Sen. Flake has risen out of the popularity pit and in a new poll is no longer the most unpopular member of the U.S. Senate.

He has been replaced by — wait, hold it — Sen. John McCain of Arizona. What’s with these public policy polling people? Couldn’t they get a room at the Phoenician?

Did they come on a visit and step barefoot on a scorpion? Flake and McCain, least likely to succeed in the senate yearbook? When there are all those other 98 choices, you’ve got to be kidding.

I’m Pat McMahon.