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Golden girls

If your Winter Olympics viewing has been limited to the beauty and grace of “Ballet on Ice,” aka women’s figure skating, then get ready for different skates, different competition and even a different kind of beauty.

The American women’s hockey team will be going for the gold on Thursday, and the matchup is exactly what the hockey gods intended: USA vs. Canada. The Canadian women will be going after their fourth straight gold, but leading up to Sochi, the U.S. took four out of their last seven matches with them.

Even if you’re not a hockey fan, even if you’re neither Canadian nor American, this is one of those dream matchups you really ought to make a must-see appointment for. And if you’re still not convinced…hey, do it for our local girl, Lyndsey Fry of Chandler — the first Arizona native to play hockey in the Olympics.

Besides, once you see the skills and the contact in world championship women’s hockey, you will never again say, “Good girls must always play nice.”

I’m Pat McMahon.