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On Monday, when we recognize all of them, everyone should be prepared to answer with who their favorite U.S. president is.

And no matter how far up or down his approval rating is, don’t be surprised if very few people who are asked choose President Barack Obama. It’s one of the things that happens with just about all chief executives while in office: A love-fest through much of a first term, rapidly diminishing if re-elected.

It’s so much easier to pick a president from another era. Who will argue? So pick George Washington. Can’t go wrong there. What did he do that could be criticized? Well, his critics in the Continental Congress held off sending him supplies at Valley Forge, because they didn’t think he was handling it well. And they were really ticked when he got that help from France.

Thomas Jefferson was considered by some to be a hypocritical slave owner. And when he created his own Bible, fundamentalists nearly fainted. Did you see the movie “Lincoln”? You know what was being said about him.

Both Roosevelts were accused of racism. And let me see, what was that problem with Bill Clinton?

I’m just reminding you on this Presidents Day 2014, in many ways, the reason we vote for them is that they’re just like us.

I’m Pat McMahon.