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Bowl bounty

Tonight, a champion will be crowned in the BCS National Championship.

But when I was a kid, we had only four bowls… The New Year’s Day bowl games. No matter how rocky you felt from the night before, the new year always seemed to be starting out great because there was an Orange Bowl from Florida, the Sugar Bowl from New Orleans, the Cotton Bowl from Dallas and finally the granddaddy of them all… The Rose Bowl from Pasadena, pitting the Big-10 champs against the best of the pacific coast schools. What a day!

So what happened? Suddenly, postseason football games were reproducing like someone had created a bunny bowl. As I said, we had four and now there are 35 NCAA FBS bowl games with more to come.

It’s so pathetic all you have to do to be bowl eligible is win half your games. Half! It’s certainly not because the fans demand it. There are some contests played before more vendors than spectators. There’s a Fight Hunger bowl. Maybe we could have a Stop War bowl on the same day the Military Bowl is played? The famous Idaho Potato bowl, the San Diego County Credit Union Pointsettia Bowl… excuse me!

I’m just suffering from bowl obstruction.

I’m Pat McMahon