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World Cup

Yes, I know the World Series isn’t really the world’s championship of baseball. It’s only between the American and National leagues.

Ah! But the World Cup, now that really is a competition among all the qualifying countries of the world that play soccer, that is football.

And next summer, Brazil hosts this remarkable international event in order to crown, literally, the best in the world, playing the most popular team sport in the world.

Last time, four years ago in South Africa, there were some great matches. But I think most Americans will remember that World Cup for introducing us to the most annoying sound in sports since Howard Cosell died — vuvuzelas.

Remember those horns that sounded like a swarm of killer bees on steroids?

Brazil, meanwhile, has promised the world another kind of memory to take home — the girls from Ipanema strolling on Copacabana beach in bikinis the size of a Kleenex.

God I love soccer, that is football.

I’m Pat McMahon.