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W’s and L’s

Hearing and reading about the technical glitches that have beset Obama’s Affordable Health Care Plan could not possibly have been more effective at creating a lack of confidence in Washington if it had been planned years in advance by political saboteurs.

And, believe me, rumors of a conspiracy are, no doubt, beginning to be circulated as we speak.

Expect the obvious: The Republican party leaders did it; Mitt Romney did it so that only Mormons could get health insurance; Michele Bachmann was responsible, because she thought that Obamacare’s focus on mental health was something personal; Bill Clinton arranged to have the plan fail because he thought the focus on sexually transmitted diseases was something personal.

So, when it’s time to elect a new president, even if national health care gets all the bugs out and it’s working as well as we were told it would, I think the Obamacare debacle will still be the issue the Republicans use more than any other.

And if they still can’t win, perhaps the Bull Moose Party still has a chance.

I’m Pat McMahon.