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Bowl biz

OK, now let me see if I’ve got this straight. New York is ready with its preparations to host this season’s Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium in the middle of an East Coast winter. Well, at least the Big Apple says it’s ready.

But with almost a year-and-a-half until Super Bowl XLIX, Glendale is still short on answers to the questions the NFL is asking about basic things such as parking spaces and hotel rooms.

Now, everybody appreciates the immensity of an undertaking like a national championship football game. But we’ve done them before — both college and pro — in Tempe and in Glendale. A number of sources in the NFL and locally have expressed deep concern about the absence of decision-making in important areas by the Glendale City Council.

Why? Because there are so many new people in City Hall or because the NFL is so rigid in its demands? Hey, Glendale, if it’s a matter of hurt feelings because many of the Super Bowl activities are spread around the Valley, remember, they are the Arizona Cardinals.

I’m Pat McMahon.