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Fishy football

So you’ve always dreamed of your kid playing professional football? You say it wouldn’t be because of the money or notoriety or even because of the game itself that so many of us love.

You say your life, as a parent, would be complete if only your son could experience the fraternal brotherhood of being on an NFL team. That’s unity, that’s bonding, that’s…a load of crap.

The inhumane, sadistic treatment of Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin by his so-called teammate Richie Incognito is depraved on any level of society. And don’t you gladiator groupies give me that garbage about the locker room being headquarters for hazing without limits or rules. That doesn’t fly with countless other residents of that land of giants, who have publicly come forward to strongly reject Incognito’s dirty play on the field and his outrageous behavior off it.

As a city, Miami should be ashamed of the lack of action from many of Martin’s teammates and his coach, Joe Philbin, who are supposed to have his back instead of spitting in his face.

I’m Pat McMahon.