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Scary costume

So have you and the kids finally decided on their costumes for tomorrow night?

For those families that are really locked into Halloween, it can be a year-long decision. Some kids have changed their minds a dozen times — from Thor, until the practicality of carrying a trick-or-treat bag and a large hammer became discouraging, to Miley Cyrus, stronly discouraged by everyone except those bargain hunteres who recognized the economic benefits of a costume that small.

In fact, we are told that sexy costumes for little girls are not as popular this year. Well now! Isn’t that a breakthrough for our society? According to the survey, apparently fewer parents are allowing their daughters to dress up like hookers, walking the neighborhood streets and asking for candy.

I remember my own shock the first time I ever noticed an overly made-up little girl in a provacative costume, but it wasn’t Halloween. She was competing on stage for a trophy. Her name was JonBenet Ramsey. This year she would have been 23 and we still don’t know do we?

I’m Pat McMahon.