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OK, here’s what annoys me and what doesn’t annoy me about us — that is, the U.S. — spying on them…that is, everybody else.

I think it’s comforting to know that our intelligence technology allows us access to the communications of our enemies, especially their private phone calls. Even then, just within our country’s borders, in order to tap the phone of a suspected criminal, law enforcement must get the permission of an officer of the court.

Internationally, why would it ever be necessary or desirable to secretly invade the private messages and conversations of our allies? Even if the leaders of France and Spain and Germany don’t agree with us on specific issues, let them tell us directly.

I despise the idea of America sneakily hiding behind the drapes, listening to a friend’s private conversation. Who could possibly give an OK for that kind of surveillance? Why, it shouldn’t be anyone less than the president of the United States.

But, hold it! They’re saying the president didn’t know it was going on. And you know, if true, that’s the most disturbing thing of all.

I’m Pat McMahon.