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Holiday gridlock

This week it’s Halloween and the next day is Christmas — that sure is what it seems like these days.

Over the weekend, everywhere I looked were pumpkins, witches, ghosts and people deciding what would be the scariest character of the year. I’m going to dress up like the computer guy who came up with the health care program — terrifying!

Halloween is a huge moneymaker for retailers — according to some, Halloween is second only to Christmas. That’s why in stores all across the Valley, you see monster masks next to Santa Claus.

And I think it sucks.

You notice the absence of Thanksgiving stuff? That’s because a turkey for dinner doesn’t pay the rent, and nobody is buying pilgrim costumes. I’m not really a traditionalist about most things, but please spare me the overlapping holidays.

Don’t try to tell us the fireworks in the Fourth of July skies may also be considered the star of Bethlehem. It’s just not me. Jesus just called and said “stop it.”

I’m Pat McMahon.