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A trophy case

Will somebody explain something to me? And as soon as you hear the subject, I’m sure many of you will volunteer.

I’ve become aware that a Peoria, Ariz., woman is one of four national finalists for what is apparently a much-sought-after and prestigious title: “The 2014 Extreme Huntress”.

The video of her is of an attractive, Danica Patrick-type aiming her high-powered rifle at what appears to be grazing animals.

Now here’s the part I don’t get. I know lots of hunting people who fill their freezers with meat, and while it seems like an expensive way to provide protein for the family, I can understand the practical value.

But this woman proudly tells us she’s brought down a black bear. Not a lot of good eatin’ there.

If she wins the grand prize, she wants to go to Africa — to shoot things. So explain…is it the thrill of the kill? Is that why that family from Tucson went there specifically to hunt down a giraffe? Why do some people put body parts of beasts on their walls?

And when you try to help me understand, spare me the political cliches. OK? Not all conservatives kill things. Unless, of course, there’s a liberal around.

I’m Pat McMahon.