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The Unfeeling

A few days ago, I commented about the frigid coldness that surrounded the text allegedly sent by the 14-year-old bully who is accused of tormenting another young girl into suicide. It basically said, using middle-school vulgarities, “Who cares?”

But is she that rare sociopathic child that we can consider a “bad seed” exception?

I’d be more comfortable with that, but then we would have to ignore the 12-year-old in Sparks, Nev. who shot and killed a teacher this week.

A couple of days later, a popular 24-year-old Massachusetts math teacher appears to have been bludgeoned to death.

The suspect? A soft-spoken, well-liked 14-year-old boy.

What’s going on?

These aren’t stories about guns or gang vengeance or class warfare. The accused kids are hardly teenagers. What happened to them that could explain this savage violence?

Desensitization could be a simple explanation. Everyone of every age is now exposed to more real and staged graphic violence than ever before.

Would you consider that as something that’s good for children?

I don’t think so!

I’m Pat McMahon.