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This week’s “What’s It Like” asks the question none of us would dare ask, even to the people closest to us.

I asked a business associate of mine if she would be willing to answer the question, “What’s it like to lose a child from SIDS — Sudden Infant Death Sydrome”?

She agreed to tell her story in the interest of assisting other grief-stricken mothers through the pain. She was informative and remarkably courageous sharing the details of the loss of her precious 5-month-old daughter, Taylor. She told me that medical science is still without a definitive cause for SIDS, but this month, October, is devoted to awareness for the need for continuing research.

My sorrow at the possibility for any family is matched by my anger each time I hear about another child so abused, so mistreated that death becomes a welcome alternative. We must find a way to end both horror stories.

I’m Pat McMahon.