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Rock brain

How much intelligence does it take to move a rock?

How much brainpower would be used to topple a boulder that had been part of a natural formation for about 170 million years? 170 million years!

In a matter of minutes, Glenn Taylor toppled the formation at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah.

But wait — as if that’s not enough to make you both sick to your stomach and angry at this idiotic disregard and lack of respect for nature, Taylor and his two adult companions can be seen on the video they took cheering, dancing and high fiving the “heroic” act. After all, the huge stone could have attacked them at any moment, had they not wrestled it to the ground? And yes, with all the rest of their wisdom, they videotaped themselves doing it and posted it on Facebook!

But there’s more.

The men were leading a group of teenage Boy Scouts at the time. Since then, the Utah Boy Scouts Council has said their services will no longer be needed.

And still, I have one more.

The guy who was able to shove the rock off its foundation recently filed a personal injury disability claim.

I can’t make this stuff up.

I’m Pat McMahon.