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W or L

As we take a temporary breath in coexisting with the brinksmanship that our elected officials put us through, we really must remind ourselves that they are elected officials.

That makes it…our fault.

We put them there to legislate on our behalf. And if you knowingly voted for a fundamentalist, microscopically visioned zealot and he voted zealously, did you and the country benefit? If you voted for someone who promised you a health care plan and you don’t have any idea what you get and how much it costs, do you feel better now?

During the most recent economic and governmental crisis, did you feel that the president behaved like a statesman, practicing the friendly persuasion of a diplomatic leader like Johnson or Reagan, or did he petulantly pull in his sails and leave the tough work to others? And during it all, where was the smooth salesmanship and experience of Bill Clinton?

So we’re all left with questions and mistrust till it happens all over again.

Till then, the asylum is in full operation.

I’m Pat McMahon.