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Capitol crimes

Do you pay attention to what goes on in Washington? I mean the White House in particular. If you read everything in the comments section of Internet news or the letters to the editors of any newspaper you may have come to the conclusion that this president is responsible for every problem America has here and around the world. Not just immigration and health care, but global warming, flu, and the failure of Miley Cyrus to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

But if the Obama Preservation Society feels as if he has somehow been singled out for excessive criticism, check out a little modern United States history.

It is rumored Franklin D. Roosevelt was warned about the Pearl Harbor attack. Harry Truman had two black marks on his presidential report card. There are those who continue to blame him for dropping the first two atomic bombs, unnecessarily for some, and in firing Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

Truman is also blamed for not winning in Korea. John F. Kennedy was the enemy of the CIA and the FBI. LBJ was suspected of involvement in the JFK assassination. Richard Nixon, must I? Ronald Reagan was linked to secret arms deals with Nicaragua. Bill Clinton was accused of 36 mysterious deaths … and on and on.

If those guys are this bad, why haven’t we given up and become South Canada?

I’m Pat McMahon.