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Payson’s Barton falls short of expectations

Hey Brenda — yes, you, Brenda Barton, esteemed Arizona state representative from Payson.

I thought it would only be fair if I warned you in advance that I’m going to be critical of you. In fact, I’m going to be so critical of you that I’m going to characterize your comparison of the President of the United States to Adolf Hitler as being at the height of tastelessness and insensitivity, and well beneath the standards of what we should expect from a state legislator.

And before some of you begin your defensive diatribes about what appears to be Obama worship on my part, I often expressed my disgust when that same vile analogy was made about either George W. Bush or Dick Cheney.

Brenda, disagree about every policy that comes out of this White House or any administration that follows. But they will not be the product of a Hitler, and because I am ridiculing your choice of descriptive phrases, that doesn’t make me a member of the gestapo.

As your constituencies’ political spokesperson though, next time you open your mouth about leadership in this county being Nazi-like, please consider, for just a moment, another group: the Jews of Payson.