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When you were a kid, didn’t you sometimes threaten to run away from home? I didn’t because I was afraid my parents would move before I decided to come back. My kids did when they where little, and we would watch each of them walk down the street with a toothbrush in a paper bag, then turn around and come home to give us another chance.

But last week, a 9-year-old boy decided to run away from his Minneapolis home — and he was serious. He went to the airport, cleared security without a question from the TSA, went to a gate, boarded Delta Flight 165 without a ticket and flew to Las Vegas.

I get strip searched if my shampoo is the wrong size. He not only managed to get away with all of that with ease, but he had been scoping out the airport the day before so his plan would be foolproof.

During the flight, the crew got suspicious, and after landing in Vegas, they turned him over to Child Protective Services. Otherwise, this kid could be cleaning up at the blackjack tables right now.

You have to admire the 9-year-old boy, but my question to Minneapolis airport security is: Don’t terrorists come in large, medium and small?

I’m Pat McMahon.