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Punching Judy

Here we are only one week into October and ahead are some special days for a lot of people.

Italian-Americans will be celebrating Columbus Day, Canadians will be having their Thanksgiving and, of course at the end of the month, Halloween.

But all of October is devoted to reminding us we all have something in real life more frightening than all those ghouls, witches and monsters combined.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and isn’t it sad that we have to devote any amount of time to something as unthinkable, as unjust as a man striking, threatening, terrifying someone who is sharing his life.

And if your reaction to all of that is that none of us who live in the civilized world understand how you were forced into slapping her. That your life with her is so unbearable that’s the only way she’ll behave the way you want. That sometimes she goad’s you until you lose control. How can anybody blame you?

I won’t, if you do the same thing to your boss whenever you’re angry with him. Otherwise, October for you is cowardly bully month and you’re a bum.

I’m Pat McMahon.