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With all the name-calling and the passing of the buck in Washington, along with the losing of bucks by the rest of us, haven’t you, at least, toyed with the idea that if this is truly a representative democratic republic, the voices of the people should be heard?

Now the screams of cynics are heard constantly on the Internet saying the same things repetitively.

No, I mean all the people. Us!

When we’re fed up, at the end of our patience with inefficiency and the self-protecting cloak of re-election, what alternatives are we offered? Even if there were term limits, we’d still all have to wait until the next election to make a change.

But when a new car isn’t working, if some part of it is found to be defective, the manufacturer doesn’t wait until the next model comes out. They recall it. A number of countries have recall options in their constitutions.

America has 50 states. Arizona voted to recall Gov. Evan Mecham before he was impeached.

If we approved a constitutional amendment to recall congressmen and senators, you think maybe that might get their attention?

I’m Pat McMahon.