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The Greatest Generation

Wherever you are politically, you have to really search for anything positive coming out of the shutdown of services from the U.S. government.

I found one.

Last week, I was invited to emcee a fundraising dinner for the Honor Flight Network. The organization flies military veterans, at no charge, to Washington, D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial. I got to meet many of these former soldiers that night, but little did anyone know that a contingent from Mississippi would see action once again.

It happened Tuesday.

As you may have heard, a group of WWII veterans who had flown to Washington expressly to visit their memorial was stopped at the entrance. They were met with a sign reading: “Because of the Federal Government Shutdown, All National Parks Are Closed.”

The group strategized and after a short time, they pushed aside the flimsy fence and forward-marched in, saying, “Japan and Germany couldn’t stop us! Neither will a barricade!” Iowa veterans then joined them, followed by veterans from Missouri, Illinois and Michigan. Now, members of The Greatest Generation are coming from all over the country to the memorial that honors them, and nothing is going to keep them out.

God bless America!

I’m Pat McMahon.