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The presses have stopped

How did you hear about the congressional impasse shutting down the government? TV? Radio? The Internet? If you say you read it in the newspaper, then it has already happened hours before the delivery to your house.

In a time of instantaneous transmission of information from everywhere on Earth and space, it almost seems as if Mr. Gutenberg was printing the local paper — and by that, I mean local everywhere.

And print problems aren’t just local.

USA Today just announced what could be the first line in its own obituary: Effective this week, the cover price of its newspaper will double to $2 an issue. That’s the kind of desperation people in the newspaper business are feeling. Content in The Arizona Republic is sometimes so limited, I feel like I’m going out to my driveway to pick up a pamphlet.

Sure, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos just bought The Washington Post, but don’t you get the feeling that it’s little like a billionaire reserving a seat on one of those private space flights?

Hey, I love my daily newspaper, but I fear it’s about to join other things I’ve loved, such as my complete set of the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

I’m Pat McMahon.