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30 years of Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Thirty years!

Is it possible that it’s been 30 years since I used to do radio shows from the two floors of Good Samaritan that were formerly Phoenix Children’s Hospital?

Those were the days when a nurse or a doctor would call the “Wallace and Ladmo Show” office and tell us that one of the patients would like us to come visit, and we went because it was Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and they always knew the right thing to do.

In those years, PCH has grown into a tower-home that’s a 4-story monument to caring. Yes, now PCH is considered to be one of the top pediatric hospitals in the nation, but they take care of our kids with the same warmth and personal attention that they did when both Phoenix and the hospital were smaller.

I can tell you now, way back then, a nurse would occasionally sneak a pet into the kids playroom. Now, the animal-assisted therapy program is a part of getting better with a dog to hug.

They are technologically advanced. They can be medically miraculous. But most importantly, for 30 years, they are ours. Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Happy birthday.

I’m Pat McMahon.