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All right. Right off the top, some of you moms and dads aren’t going to like any of this.

You’ll be angry at me for revealing something nice people don’t talk about publicly. But it’s the truth.

Last week, another case of a teacher-student relationship here in the Valley was reported and is currently being investigated. And it allegedly was a “relationship” that had gone on for at least seven months between the 27-year old-teacher and his 15-year-old student.

OK. All together now, he’s vile, he’s corrupt, he’s a pervert, a molester and the book should be thrown at him.

I agree, and besides that there’s something creepy about a 27-year-old-man wanting to keep company, much less intimate company, with a 15-year-old. Now the part you’re not going to like. At 15 she is legally a child, but shouldn’t we expect some personal responsibility from her for being part of a seven month affair?

Just ask some male instructors about how many adolescent junior seductresses they see.

Thankfully, most are not stupid enough to pursue it.

I’m Pat McMahon.