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Alphabet soup

I was reading a Dan Bickley column in yesterday’s Arizona Republic sports page and he took an interesting approach to the Riley Cooper controversy. Now, if you don’t know what that is, your television viewing must be limited to “The Bachelorette” and you must not have heard any news since Nixon resigned — Richard Nixon, the president with a racist vocabulary that could turn the White House blue.

And that was a point Bickley was making. Should Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles be singularly condemned for a racial slur that so many others, of multi-color origins, use?

And Cooper did contritely apologize. But is he a wide receiver or a white deceiver? The “n-word” burst out of his mouth as if it had been there a long time.

And many have made the point that the world of rap music makes it almost a necessity. But, as much of an obnoxious double standard as that is, there always seems to be a difference when the victims of insensitivity are being insensitive.

Right now, there are nationwide gay organizations who call themselves the “q-word” — queer. Jewish comics tell jokes with Yiddish dialects that I would be punished for using. But Baptists shouldn’t tell anti-Catholic jokes at Notre Dame. Of course, the solution for it all is the “k-word” — kindness!

I’m Pat McMahon.