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Francis under glass

Let me draw what may appear to be a strange scenario.

Francis, the new pope of the Roman Catholic Church, is without question a rock star.

There are a number of traditional Catholics, however, who are more than uncomfortable with many facets of this new papacy.

But these are the people who are all for the church remaining in the 13th century. Changing a table cloth at the Vatican takes 45 years of discussion. Changing minds — well now we’re talking centuries.

But in a way, it seems Pope Francis is like one of the villagers in the No. 1 show on television — the Dome. He can speak on any issue he pleases, but there are forces that want to limit who can hear him.

No doubt, there was clerical clucking going on at the Vatican when word got out that the pontiff held an hour and a half impromptu, ad lib press conference on his plane trip back from Brazil and the world loved it.

Way to go, Holy Father. You really do seem like one of us.

I’m Pat McMahon.