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Beach bum

On behalf of all the clean old men of the world, I’d like to say a dirty old man like San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is a disgrace.

In fact, he makes men of any age look bad. If it wasn’t for the feelings of his victims, he would be Super Groper, the perfect comic book character who by touching unwilling women gets infused with power, self-esteem and a temporary resistance to senility.

Who told this 70-year-old coot that he was a possible candidate for People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”?

Hey, Filner, there are a lot of men who are relieved that they are alive at 70. This guy is only eight months into a four-year term, and he’s already had seven women, including a naval officer lodge harassment complaints. That alone should be enough to elicit a resignation, right?


Filner and his comic sidekick Weiner Man won’t go away!

Weiner still wants to be Mayor of New York City, and Filner wants to continue to be Mayor of San Diego. And this isn’t the first of that city hall scandals. In 1985, Mayor Roger Hedgecock had to resign because of illegal campaign funding. Then his reputation really went downhill. He became a talk show host.