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What does New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner have in common with Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun?

Braun has been ordered by Major League Baseball to put his bat away for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Weiner keeps showing his off.

So you think it’s stupid for a star baseball player who has already faced charges of using performance-enhancing drugs to admit using them again and forfeiting nearly $4 million by being suspended for the rest of 2013? Can we get a show of hands for everyone who thinks that’s stupid?

Now show your hands for how stupid Weiner is for getting caught again sending out crotch pictures of himself, even after having to resign from Congress because of the same behavior previously.

Mr. Weiner is excused from this survey and may keep his hands in his pockets. And he’s still running for mayor of New York City.

Ryan Braun betrayed his team, the city of Milwaukee, the game of baseball and the people who believed in him. But Weiner must beg his wife for forgiveness along with all of us who suddenly feel uncomfortable ordering a hot dog.

I’m Pat McMahon.