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The little prince

“Hallelujah. Hallelujah. For lo, as prophesied, a king is born.”

Excuse me, I just got carried away with the world responding to the good news from London as if it was the second coming of the Baby Jesus.

Now, I am fully aware that the royalty romantics out there far outnumber those of us who are slightly less passionate about the comings and goings of those with blood that’s blue. Don’t misunderstand: Kate Middleton appears to be a beautiful, charming and caring young woman. William seems like the kind of fellow that I’d enjoy sitting down with over a couple of bottles of cold — make that ice cold — beer. Their new baby boy can’t help but grow up with movie star looks.

But i just don’t get the hysteria: Reporters and photographers waiting outside St. Mary’s hospital for three weeks; rumors of every kind on broadcasts around the world. I expected a labor party to be held in the streets.

Can you imagine how the king of Belgium felt? He abdicated his throne Friday and it didn’t make the front page of the Brussels Gazette. Oh well, I guess in some inexplicable way, we’ll always be the colonies.

I’m Pat McMahon.