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“I hate you because you’re black.” “I hate you because you’re white.”

“I hate Koreans.” “That’s because you’re Japanese and you were raised to hate me. So I hate the Japanese.”

“I hate you because you’re Irish and Catholic.” “I hate you because you’re from Northern Ireland and Protestant.” “Aren’t we the same people?” “Yes, and that’s why I hate you more.”

“I’m Israeli.” “I’m Palestinian and we’re both Semitic, but you took our land.” “The Bible says it was our land … I hate you!” “We’re both Muslim and Mohammed said we should love one another, but I’m a Sunni Muslim.” “And I’m Shiite … I hate you!”

“I’m a member of the Tutsi tribe of Rwanda … you’re a Hutu and I hate you because you slaughtered my people”. “Yes, and as a Hutu, I am obligated to kill all Tutsis because we hate you.”

And it goes on and on — in every corner of the world — hatred based on race, religion, sexual orientation — just being different. Why is there this flaw in humanity? Maybe God shouldn’t have rested on the seventh day. I think he may have left something out.

I’m Pat McMahon.