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You know, there are times when you guys behave so stupidly; it’s embarrassing to be a guy.

For example, some of the strict Islamic laws as practiced in parts of the Middle East that keep all women separate from all men who aren’t their husbands is kind of insulting to both men and women, don’t you think?

Orthodox Jews have similar restrictions. Aren’t they saying, ‘keep away from me because I can’t control myself?’

What germs are to Howie Mandel, females are to those guys. But it’s not just a religious thing either, nor is it allocated to Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem. How about Iowa City, Iowa?

Last week, the Iowa Supreme Court reaffirmed that a dentist in Fort Dodge was legally within his rights in firing a 10-year assistant because he had grown too attracted to her and worried he might attempt to start an affair.

Understand, the court found no flirtatious activity on her part. The assistant, 20 years his junior, was fired because he found her to be irresistible.

Doctor, you don’t need an assistant. You need Novocaine in your pants.

I’m Pat McMahon.