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Little girls

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being thought of as a geezer.

You know, one of those old duffers who seems, to be older than they are because they haven’t any interest in anything that took place after they had to play music on something besides a turntable and someone decided to create television programs in color.

Those folks refuse to believe that “Pink” could be a singer and not just a pastel, that “Lady Gaga” is not a mouthwash for women and that “Usher” doesn’t always work in a movie theater.

Come on folks. Stay up with the times. It’s fun, but not always. Sometimes I get a little concerned about how fast kids are growing up, especially in the entertainment world.

Willow Smith, you know the daughter of two people I really like, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has a new music video, “Summer Fling” and it’s about teenage kids being attracted to one another and behaving in a sexy way. The biggest problem I have is Willow is having that summer fling when she’s only 12.

I’m uncomfortable with that. But maybe I’m just a geezer.

I’m Pat McMahon.