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Back to business

OK, it’s Thursday, July 11 and all the speeches have been spoken on behalf of the firefighters.

New stories are being reported; what will the House of Representatives do about immigration? A celebrity gets into trouble, uncertainty in the Middle East. It’s back to work and business as usual.

Except in Prescott.

How can anything for that community ever be the same as B.Y., Before Yarnell?

What’s it like for a town the size of Prescott to instantly lose 19 young men? No, it’s not as simple as “a terrible tragedy.”

Do the math. It’s the entire starting offense of a football team and three-quarters of the defense. The Diamondbacks keep a squad of 25 players — take away 19 — see what I mean? In a number of towns that’s a pretty good size business.

In Prescott, it’s everybody who works in a successful restaurant, familiar faces, neighbors, friends … never just a number, like 19.

If ever any benefit could come from all this, it would have to be from when the world had no more sinners and God could shut down hell — now that he has someone to put out the fire.

I’m Pat McMahon.