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Alright, let’s see a show of hands. Only those who are angry with the U.S. Senate for passing the immigration reform bill Thursday 68 to 32.

OK, since no one ever seems to vote against an incumbent, what should we do with the senators?

No, you can’t send them back to Mexico. That’s not where they’re from.

I know that is a favorite immigration solution for some of you, but see it’s no more practical to send the entire senate there than it is to deport the 11 or 12 million people currently living here illegally.

That’s why some remarkably bright minds struggle with this very human problem that has been a problem for decades — as long ago as when we stole, that is, when we were awarded this territory from Mexico.

Now I know that some of you passionately resent outdoor billboards written in a language you don’t understand and voicemail messages that offer an option of English or Spanish. But, no matter what the House of Representatives decides I think we better get used to it. Comprende?

I’m Pat McMahon.