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No gracias

All right! Let’s start the routine. It’s always the same. I tell you I won’t drive anywhere in Mexico and then that gives some of you the opportunity to respond by telling me that you’ve been driving in Mexico for years and you’ve never had any trouble.

Then my rejoinder is that while I love Mexico’s culture and hospitality and will fly to any location with an airport, I refuse to drive. At this point, you usually tell me that Mexico’s crime reputation is created by the media and it’s no more dangerous than Phoenix on a Saturday night.

That’s when I say “Really? Let’s ask the Maldonados.” That Phoenix family is the most recent example of the way the justice system can be misused in Mexico.

And the group most upset, most embarrassed and most negatively affected by Mexican corruption is Mexicans. They don’t want to live in a society where bribery is a major industry, but so far nobody seems able to change it. So I’ll just keep north on my GPS.

I’m Pat McMahon.