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Climate envy

All right. All together now, “Oh no! Summer is here!!! We’re all going to die!”

OK…Got it out of your system?

Fine. Now, let’s all shut up.

Including some of the TV weather bozos who lead the requiem chant every night, moaning about the next day’s “killer” temperatures.

But, here in Phoenix, they aren’t.

Most of us go from an air-conditioned house to an air-conditioned car, which takes us to an air-conditioned workplace.

And even if you have an outdoor job, when you get home, you know it will still be there, as opposed to the piles of rubble formerly known as Moore, Okla. And there will be more tornadoes because in the center of our country there always are, but not here.

And in the east there will be hurricanes this year because there always are, but not here.

And, just to the west, large parts of those urban populations are waiting for the “big one,” but not here.

So the next time some boring person says, “Hot enough for you?” you may want to consider how lucky we are and say, “I’m doing just fine.”

I’m Pat McMahon.