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Never-ending story

It has always been said that the only two things that will last forever are death and taxes. May I add a third: the Jodi Arias story.

Of course, that started out with death and our taxes are paying for justice to be served. But isn’t it true? Just when you thought it was over — the jury said guilty — now comes the sentence and we can all go back to our pre-Arias lives — what?

There is no sentence yet … the jury is deadlocked? A second jury may have to be called in to decide her future? There were only two choices — life or death. Were some of the jurors swayed by her pledge to the jury that if allowed to live she would spend her incarcerated years in the service of mankind?

The example she used was that if she was spared she would design ‘Survivor’ T-shirts to benefit abuse victims. Jodi, if you’re attempting to make amends for the 27 stab wounds, the slit throat and the shot to the face with a lousy T-shirt, you shouldn’t be executed — you should die of embarrassment.

I’m Pat McMahon.