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Man, with all the dramatic news stories this week there’s an endless amount to talk about — from the Oklahoma tornado to the policeman and firefighter we lost to Jodi Arias. But here’s one you probably didn’t hear about.

The other day I saw a woman attempting to kill herself, and as if that wasn’t shocking enough, she was in her car outside a local clinic that specializes in the treatment of heart disease. What was her chosen method of suicide? She was smoking.

I don’t know why, but a woman smoking a cigarette before going in for a heart examination just seems so ludicrous. Think dark humor like Monty Python or South Park, only this wasn’t funny. It would have been illegal if she had attached a hose to her exhaust pipe allowing carbon monoxide to fill the car. But no, this woman skipped the hose part altogether and just let the gases collect in her lungs directly. Efficient, but even she would acknowledge it’s just a matter of time.

I’m Pat McMahon.