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Lap land

Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen what might be called erotic entertainment that I liked. Some of the spectacular topless reviews in Vegas are well done, even Cirque de Soleil can get sexy. If you feel that a night watching pole dancers allows you to consider yourself an authority on the Warsaw ballet, fine, enjoy yourself but don’t take a 14-year-old with you. Consenting adults means those over 21. People who are eligible to view entertainment meant for adults only.

Sunday night’s lap dance by Nicki Minaj on the Billboard Music Awards is the latest example of networks desperately attempting to be as relevant as cable. Relevant apparently means “sexually provocative”. And that doesn’t bother me a bit unless you’re presenting simulated sex acts to little kids who are watching the show for Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

Sunday night there was so much crotch grabbing I expected a doctor to walk out on stage and shout “cough”. If that’s the way dancers are going to perform, put it on cable, attach a cover charge and a two-drink minimum.

I’m Pat McMahon.