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I sincerely wish “The 700 Club” was listed under TV comedy so that no one would ever take Pat Robertson seriously.

It would be so much easier than getting angry at whatever his latest effort is in the “Stupid Olympics.”

By the way, have you heard the latest? A woman was asking Robertson advice on how to handle the heartbreak of an unfaithful husband.

Essentially, his advice to the woman consisted of a very long and accusatory monologue that could be boiled down to simply this: “Shut up. Quit whining and get off your husband’s case.”

Robertson excused the husband’s adulterous behavior by saying, “He’s a man. Men tend to wander a little bit.”

He then suggested that he probably wouldn’t have “wandered” if she had done a better job creating a home that would ward off the temptations of the evil outside world.

In other words, “Woman, fall on your knees… beg your husband for forgiveness and make him a casserole.”

This is the same evangelist who blamed gays for the Florida hurricane. Hey, I know. Since Pat Robertson has spent his ministry asking viewers for money… let’s all take up a collection to get him to just go away.

I’m Pat McMahon.