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Stupid everywhere

Do you really think there’s enough stupid to go around?

Sometimes I honestly believe the only thing that is in unlimited availability is stupid.

In spite of the very early analysis of the tragic Benghazi incident, clearly needing months of scrupulous investigation, a Republican senator from Oklahoma is already talking presidential impeachment — a position echoed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Republican Sen. John McCain publicly criticized his colleagues’ sentiments on the subject, for which he was taken to task.

I can only imagine how the superconservatives will treat one of their own, now that California’s Darrell Issa has said that neither the president nor Hillary Clinton are targets of the investigation.

By the way, please never assume that stupid is the exclusive possession of the right.

On his Friday night show, T.V. host and comedian Bill Maher, was abrasively critical of Republican positions on Benghazi calling it a nonissue. When confronted with an opposing view, he changed the subject.

See, you can be arrogant and stupid.

I’m Pat McMahon.