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We are gathered …

Tuesday night, I was privileged and flattered and yes, I guess I can admit, thrilled to be onstage at the Herberger Theater in the cast of a one-night-only performance of a play called “8.”

The script was based almost exclusively on the trial transcript of the court action in California that examined the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. The court wound up approving the union. The voters narrowly turned it down. The debate continues — hotly.

How coincidental that this play should be staged here the same day that Delaware became the 11th state to allow and recognize same-sex marriage.

The arguments in favor were the same as the play’s — no two people should be restricted from the same full recognition of their relationship as is given to other couples. The arguments against were the same as in California — that same-sex marriage will destroy a centuries-old institution that is a building block of society.

To that, I say horse pucky. During the vast majority of time mankind has been in existence there was no such thing as marriage. Yet, here we are. There has always been the building block called love. I rest my case.

I’m Pat McMahon.