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My god! It’s only Monday, and I already miss the Jodi Arias trial.

What will I do with all this spare time until the verdict and sentencing? At least, soon, I’ll have the movie which is already in production but has sensitively been temporarily put on hiatus until they can write an ending…instead of writing their own, as television often does.

As I sit, waiting, trying to fill my Jodi-less hours, I can speculate what kind of film it might turn out to be: murder-mystery with sex, violent horror film with sex, tense courtroom drama with sex or if Nancy Grace is writing the script, maybe religious drama with sex.

Now, let’s get serious.

We have been witness for several months to the lowest levels of depravity rarely seen in a civilized society…the murder of Travis Alexander? Sure, that too.

But I was talking about the jostling and bartering outside the courtroom for a handful of seats so that voyeurs from all over the world could be witnesses, not to justice, but to a freak show.

I’m Pat McMahon.