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Greek life needs to get a life

Hey — all of you folks who bask in the radiant glamour of Greek life on college campuses, ASU has a new fraternity — I Kappa Plea!

Listen, years ago, I mean years and years ago when I was in college, I didn’t understand the magnetic attraction fraternities and sororoties had for some students. I could look quizzically from afar because my Catholic college didn’t have them. Greek for us was that which wasn’t Latin.

I’m sure that there are personalities that thrive in the frat “clubby” atmosphere — like having a Rotary for college students. But for as long as i can remember, there were aways accusations of a shadowy side — racism, religious exclusions, horror stories of hazing and at the very least extraordinary elitism.

When my daughter entered USC, the head of the Panhellenic society let her know that the sorority girls were always the choice of the Big Men on Campus.

Terri said thanks, but no thanks. Now, with ASU’s fraternity row being renamed fraternity ROW, I offer this Greek suggestion — yu otta grow up.

I’m Pat McMahon.